Benefits of the Highland Reeds Moisture Control System 2

  • Drier reeds so you play for longer
  • Consistency of air pressure
  • Easy-adjust quick stop drone valve
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Non-bulky, lightweight system

Fitting the MCS2 System

A tight fit of the MCS2 is essential

  1. Pull stocks OUT through the collar on the bag.  (DO NOT push stocks back into the bag as this may tear the collar.
  2. Fit the cup of the FLEXI-JOINT into the groove at the bottom of the stock; tape to secure if necessary.
  3. Re-fit the stocks as normal, pushing through from the inside of the bag until cup rests against the collar.
  4. Push cartridge into the connector.
  5. Insert complete unit (cartridge and connector) into the flexi-joint, pushing firmly home.

Assists with clean starts and cut-offs

The valve comes pre-fitted (in the connector) and pre-set. Small adjustments can be made with a screwdriver:

  1. Turn clockwise for a more effective cut-off and a more mellow drone sound
  2. Turn ant-clockwise for freer airflow and greater volume


Should you wish to remove the valve, use the white tube to push the VALVE out of the CONNECTOR as shown.


If you need to re-fit the valve, use the white tube to push the VALVE into the CONNECTOR as shown.

Cartridge Maintenance

Captures moisture to help keep reeds dry

After use, remove cartridge from the bag (leaving connector in place) and allow to dry naturally in a warm place.
Do not microwave or oven dry as this will reduce the effectiveness of the gels.
Allow to dry thoroughly for maximum effectiveness.

Replacement gel or complete cartridges are available through your local agent.