This product offers the same wonderful features of the Moisture Tube (MT) but is designed for hide/sheepskin bags using the split stock.

  • Drier reed so you play for longer
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Non-bulky, lightweight system

NB Additional playing benefits can be achieved by combining the CMCS with the Bannatyne Moisture Trap System

Installing the CMCS

Installation of your CMCS is straight forward.  However, please read through the rest of these instructions to ensure that you obtain optimum benefit from the product.  The CMCS comprises four individual pieces:

  1. Stock Connector with Flexi-Tube attached
  2. Cartridge Connector
  3. Cartridge Top
  4. Cartridge

Between playing times keep the STOCK CONNECTOR and FLEXI-TUBE in place (as one piece) in your pipe bag and remove the CARTRIDGE SECTION as one piece.


A tight fit of the CMCS is essential to optimise the benefits of the system.  Do not separate STOCK CONNECTOR from the FLEXI-TUBE. To ensure a tight fit, apply black hemp to the STOCK CONNECTOR and then insert it (complete with its FLEXI-TUBE) firmly into the chanter stock.  This connection should be tight and the connector (complete with flexi-tube) not removed between playing, it may therefore take some adjustment until you are satisfied with the connection. You are now ready to fit the CARTRIDGE section onto the FLEXI-TUBE.


The CARTRIDGE SECTION (complete with its connector and top) can now be fitted to the FLEXI-TUBE. The CARTRIDGE SECTION comprises of three parts – the CARTRIDGE itself, CARTRIDGE TOP and the CONNECTOR section for connection to the FLEXI-TUBE. These parts should be kept intact unless you wish to remove or replace GELS.


IMPORTANT – after use, remove CARTRIDGE SECTION from the bag and allow to dry naturally. Do not microwave or oven dry as this will reduce the effectiveness of the gels. To remove the CARTRIDGE SECTION from the FLEXI-TUBE grasp the CARTRIDGE by the CONNECTOR and gently twist apart from the FLEXI-TUBE.

The effective playing time of the CARTRIDGE will vary according to how wet a blower you are. You can experiment with the volume of gels in the CARTRIDGE as your CMCS will work effectively with only 25% gels in the CARTRIDGE. To remove gels, carefully twist off the connector section and store excess gels in a safe place. Care must be taken when removing the CARTRIDGE from the FLEXI-TUBE to keep the CONNECTOR in place to prevent the gels in the CARTRIDGE from being spilled.

To prolong the effectiveness of your CMCS gels should be removed periodically from the cartridge and left to dry naturally. Spare gels have been provided for you to rotate the contents of the Cartridge. Further supplies are available from your local agent.