Hands-Free Pipe Carrier


hands-freeHands Free Pipe Carrier

This is a seriously handy piece of kit! Never leave your pipes lying around again and always have two hands free! This carrier will fit in your pocket or sporran when not in use. After your parade is finished instead of walking back to where your pipe case is, simply unfold the Hands Free, slip your pipes in and carry over your shoulder.  Here at Highland Reeds we wouldn’t be without our Hands Free.

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  • Shower proof
  • Draw string cord holds bag in place
  • Velcro straps hold drones
  • Strong, well-made, double-lined, durable material


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Pipe carrier is a great idea and handy thing to have!

While participating in the Tartan Day Parade on April 6th in NYC, I became aware of your pipe carrier. What a great idea and a handy thing to have. I was given your e-mail address and have checked your web site and now enclosing a cheque for a Hand Free.

Charles P Murphy, Pearl River, New York